The Intel Xeon E-2100 Server Re-Launch

Discussion in 'STH Main Site Posts' started by Patrick Kennedy, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Good stuff, and it seems that Supermicro announced a new set of 1151v2 board in concert with this:

    UP Xeon Motherboards | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. - with the exception of a WIO board (the X11SCW-F), the new server board are all mATX, with all but one (the X11SCL-IF *) supporting a future 128GB of RAM.

    Regrettably, all the board sport just 1GBe; no 10 GBe parts (which, I guess, is to be expected), but no 2.5GBe and 5GBe either.

    *) I see now; it is listed as mATX on the motherboard/ page, but that board is actually mini-ITX.
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    The worst joke is that Intel didn't even bothered to paperlaunch 8C parts based on the latest silicon, so they are behind the consumer line...
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