Supermicro X9DRL-3F/iF Version 1.01 - Need auto Turn off/on


Apr 20, 2016
Hi guys,
what would be a good replacement SM M-board that enables auto turn off and on, my current SM setup is below and has no options for this in the bios, I am only running Unraid / plex dockers but would like to turn off and on this server automatically ( just trying to be more green)

please advise

Supermicro SC846E1 24 Bay
M/B: Supermicro X9DRL-3F/iF Version 1.01 - s/n: ZM2CS36328
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version 3.0a. Dated: 08/08/2013
CPU: (2) Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2665 0 @ 2.40GHz
HVM: Enabled
IOMMU: Enabled
Cache: 512 KiB, 2048 KiB, 20480 KiB, 512 KiB, 2048 KiB, 20480 KiB
Memory: 64 GiB DDR3 Multi-bit ECC (max. installable capacity 192 GiB)
Network: eth0: 1000 Mbps, full duplex, mtu 1500


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Feb 12, 2015
Any board supporting RTC alarms should allow you to do this - all the SM boards I've tried it on have worked, but admittedly I've only tried a couple of X10 and X11 boards for this.

Not sure what OS you're running but if unraid has linux underneath you should have a look at what the rtcwake command says the BIOS supports:
root@wug:~# rtcwake --list-modes
freeze mem disk off no on disable show
Note that the BIOS reporting it doesn't neccesarily mean it'll work so best to test it with something like the following which'll try to turn the system off and wake it from the BIOS in 60s time:
rtcwake -m off -s 60