Supermicro X9DAX-7F and E5-2667 v2 1c turbo not working


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Jul 15, 2015
As it says in the title, in the course of building my new workstation to replace my aging x5690's I picked up an x9DAX and pair of E5-2667 v2 chips, which work fantastically but the turbo behavior is being... odd. They do turbo from the 3.3 base to 3.6 which is in line with the 3/3/3/3/4/5/6/7 table that's available for those cpu's however when running something I know is singlethreaded(like the 1t cinebench tests) they still don't go past the all core turbo, I'm not really sure what or where to look for in the bios, there's some overclocking options that @Patrick covered ages ago in the bios of the board but all that really seems to do is let me set the ram frequency(which is fantastic my 1066 ram runs at 1333 no issue) as well as the bclock(which seems to want to stop at 105 even if I try 107, that's less troubling than the turbo behavior though) does anyone have any ideas of what I should check/try? I know it's not a cooling issue they stay locked at 3.6 and under 60c without issue since i've got a pair of D15 noctua coolers on them.


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Jul 17, 2016
Düsseldorf, Germany
To rule out a hardware/BIOS issue you you could boot from a Linux live image and check.
Ensure that the performance cpu governor is active
Test with openssl speed or the cpuburn collection. Use taskset if necessary.
Watch with grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo.

In day to day use I very sheldom hit the 3.6 GHz single core limit on my E5-2690 v2, even with benchmarks. There is just too much else going on.