Supermicro HDD Caddie / Carrier / Tray replacement release levers


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Aug 17, 2020

In preparation for my pending upgrade to SC826 with Hybrid Backplanes (SAS and NVMe), I decided that it would be nice if the release levers of the caddies / carriers / trays inside the NVMe slots had a different colour. Supermicro has caddies / carriers / trays with an orange instead of maroon coloured release levers, but imho, orange is not a colour for NVMe! I want blue.

I discovered that someone had already created a 3D model of the release levers, however on closer inspection I noticed that the model is not even close to the original lever.

Long story short, I began to reverse engineer the Supermicro release lever myself. I will post updates here as I make progress.

The first test print doesn't work, but I'm already printing rev. 2!

Issues with rev. 1:
  • Hole for the stud is not big enough -> increase diameter by 0.5mm
  • Need to make the walls thinner -> increase space between the walls by 0.5mm
  • Instead of 1:1 aspect ratio for the spring cutout, change to 1:2
  • Spring doesn't really fit yet, I guess I need to make the wall where the spring touches the lever a bit thinner...
I'll keep you posted!
One I have verified that it works, I'll share stp and stl files
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