Supermicro bios power setting


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Jan 18, 2013
Usually when setting up new server especially in a DC, I would disable the power savings mode and enable maximum performance to squeeze every bit of performance from the server. Since this becomes a habit of mine, even for my "home dc" I've decided to do the same.

Anyway about 2 weeks ago, in effort to reduce my normal monthly power bill I've decided to change the power setting on all my server to balance performance in both bios and OS (windows server 2016 and ESXi)
Since I have enough compute power and ram, I thought maybe I can save a little bit of electric bill by enabling power saving mode on all my servers without loosing too much performance.

However, I notice ever since I made the change, I am having lots of stability issue especially on my windows server 2016 box. I notice sometime when the server goes into power saving mode it would cause freeze then bsod before it would restart. One of my ESXi server also behaves the same way, I just realized that one server seems to have uptime less than 3 days while the rest are usually up for weeks. (I do maintenance once a month normally)

Just curious if any of you here have any idea what to check so that I can keep the power savings mode and yet still have a stable server ??