Suggestions for mounting 2.5" drives inside SuperMicro SC846 chassis

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Dan Langille

Jun 29, 2015
That wasn't my intent. I was in the middle of writing up a blog post and jumped over here to post the promised results.

I was moving a bootenv from one zpool to another. It was accomplished over a few hours, a dinner, an HBA which didn't work, a missed bootfs, and smashed rails. Photos and text here: Adding a zroot pool to an existing system – Dan Langille's Other Diary

Slightly relevant to this thread as I now plan to migrate that chassis to a SuperMicro and use the same internal-drive approach.


The New James Dean
Jul 27, 2015
For those of you with 3D printers, you have a few options - and many work with non-Supermicro chassis as well.

The one below is much the only option if you have the big 15mm height SAS drives, like the STEC s840:


This one lets you use the older SC trays without the 2.5" mounting holes (especially if you use a few dabs of hot-glue or thin double-sided tape):


And this one doesn't use any screws to mount it into the sled because it has little nubs (to save you 4 screws!). Just screws for the SSD, which 2 normal generic screws might work fine with the older SC trays that do not have the 2.5" holes:


I suggest printing in PETG for the higher-temps, just in case the SSD gets too warm (PETG can handle up to 80C, whereas PLA can only go to 55C). But PLA could work fine, just might get brittle if you run high-ish temps in your workhorse.


Also, if you're interested, I have more Supermicro/server-related 3D models I've printed/bookmarked:

There are a few more variants of SC 2.5" drive adapters, including one if you wanted more airflow.
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