Source for SFF-8087 to SFF-8484 w/ sideband cables?

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cat lover server enthusiast
Jul 7, 2016
I know where I can get SFF-8087 (host) to SFF-8484 (target) cables from multiple places, but most of them don't have the sideband lines wired properly. The only one I know of that is wired correctly is the Tripp Lite S510-003, but it is a very pricey cable. ($32 each x2). Does anyone know where I can source a cable that is wired like the Tripp Lite mentioned for less?

I'm trying to help someone "retrofit" a 6Gbps HBA into an old Dell 2900 server on a tight budget. I know the backplane (which uses SFF-8484) is a pass-thru and I know where to find cheap 6Gbps HBAs that should work, but the cables cost more than the HBA! The goal is to allow greater than 2TB drives in this old dell server; I've done this before with those Tripp Lite cables and PERC H700 controller so I know it is possible; just need a cheaper option.