[sold] SAS cables for free (SFF-8643 fan-out?)


Mar 5, 2013
I bought a 2-pack of these on eBay from another seller (he got from this Chinese seller). I couldn't get them to work on my IBM 5210 card, but it could have been the card. Seeing that I returned the card, I have no use for the cables. I can't blindly sell them on eBay but if anyone wants them to try, I can send them to you.

Finished building out the server so time to clean up from the project. Sad to just throw in trash without someone else testing.

I have 2 cables. Send me $2 for postage ;)

SFF 8643 SFF 8643 to 4 SATA Fan Out Cable 8643 Host to 4 SATA Target 1M | eBay