EU SOLD [FS](NL) Mini homelab - 3 node vsan/ceph cluster in a shoebox with 192gb ram 12 ssd's.

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Dec 4, 2018
Great little home-lab for small apartment and low power usage.
The system is whisper quiet with just slight hum coming from the Big Noctua fan when the system is powered on.
Unfortunately don't have the time for homelabbing anymore so I'm hoping I can give this amazing little machine another home.

Some basic specs and build log are found in this thread:

I since upgraded the machine with 12x16gb (4x16gb each) and a 64GB supermicro SataDOM for the OS as the m.2 ssd's started to fail.
This made room to upgrade the m.2 slot with nvme disks for caching, which I never got around to do.
That makes the total partlist for this listing:
- 3x X10SDV-4C-TLN2F (OOB licence activated)
- 12x 16GB dimms (6x Samsung 16GB ECC Rdimms and 6x Kingston 16GB ECC Rdimms)
- 3x 64GB Supermicro SuperDOM
- 12x Kingston V300 60gb
- Lian Li PC-Q33 (Heavily modded)
- Corsair CX750
- 5 fans (Noctua NF-A14, Scythe Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm and 3x Arctic 60mm fans)
- Arduino nano
- CRS305-1G-4S+IN
- 3x Mikrotik S+RJ10 (sfp+ to rj45 modules)
- All (custom) cabling internally to make this system work

Some more detailed info:
This system uses about <50w when the servers are in stand-by with ipmi and switches on.
When under heavy load I saw readings of 200w including switches, during normal operation it usually pulled around 130-150w.

The Arduino is set up to powerup the big fan if any of the machines is turned on, it also controls the power button LED's.
In case it fails the fan will just spin to 100% due to missing PWM signal.

The casing for the CRS305-1G-4S+IN is still on hand and it hasn't been hacked so it could be reverted back to it's original state.
The motherboards are unhacked as well, they can be installed in any other mini-itx case.
I can't say the same for the case and power supply, they were modded to allow this system to work.

The only quirk with this whole system is when cold booting the switch it will only activate 2 out of 3 SFP+ modules as 3 is usually not supported due to heat.
Because this switch and SFP+ modules are actively cooled it doesn't overheat.
The solution is to unplug the SFP+ modules when cold booting the server or simply unplug and move the module to another port.
A firmware update might solve this but I never found this to be a big deal.

I also have a MikroTik RB4011iGS+RM with 10 rj45 ports and a SFP+ port which would fit with some mods, this switch is for sale too.

I'm aiming for €1250 on the total system.
Local pickup is preferred but shipping should be fine since everything is pretty packed together.
The system is situated in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands.
I'm not considering parting the server out just yet.

Updated photos of the build: