[SOLD][FREE] defective Sliger CX4712, local pickup in LA

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Sep 3, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
I bought a defective Sliger CX4712 last May and I've lost my patience with this thing and want it out of my rack. My loss is your gain.

Local pickup in Los Angeles (90026) only. I don't feel like shipping this thing.

The chassis is really nice but has some issues that may or may not matter to you:

  • The left-most drive bay won't fit the two drives I tried. You can either not use it and have 9 usable bays or you can find a drive narrow enough to fit.
  • Some of the SATA connectors have a piece of plastic burned off, so they won't sandwich the connector. They are still making contact though becomes the drive can't move left or right, so I think this is fine.
  • The rails don't fit quite right (or I assembled them wrong) and so the fit is very tight when sliding the chassis in and out. This is leading to the chassis getting scratched on the left side. It does move in and out though, so this is more of an annoyance and cosmetic defect than a functional one.
First-come first serve. Do not tell me you're interested: just tell me when you want to come pick it up.
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