Canada SOLD: CAN/USA EPYC 7502 ES (ZS17), RAM

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Mar 28, 2012
Toronto, Canada
I have a whole bunch of of EPYC Rome ES now, but unfortunately it's an odd number and I want to consolidate on all dual socket boards. So I either need to buy one or sell one.

Selling a 32 Core Rome ES (ZS17) for $800 US or 1000 CAD, free shipping. These are overclockable, and I'd be happy to help you getting it running / tuning it.

This one runs stable with the "default" 3.45GHz overclock applied , all memory channels works, and as far as I know PCIe lanes all work, but not exhaustively tested. Comes with the installation plastic tray thing.

If you want to see my recent sales, see here:

I have 8x8 GB or 8x16 GB RAM available for it as well if you like. 2400 MHz
$20/$40 ea.
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Mar 18, 2022
Hey Spartus, forgot to answer when I got the CPU but it came in perfectly. Everything's working fine and the packaging was great. Thanks!