*SOLD* Asus gaming laptop, GTX 1070, 120Hz G-sync display, 16GB RAM, Win10 Pro

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Jeff Robertson

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Oct 18, 2016
Chico, CA

I have an Asus gaming laptop for sale that I no longer need, my 3 month old daughter has taken its place...

It was only used during the holidays and is in like new condition. Comes with the original box/charger. It has been upgraded a bit from stock.

Asus GL502V
Intel i7-7700HQ 4 core, 8 thread CPU
15.6" IPS 120Hz G-sync LCD
16GB 2933Mhz RAM (upgraded from 2400Mhz)
nVidia GTX 1070 8GB graphics card
2x SSDs, 250GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe boot drive and a 250GB SATA SSD for storage (upgraded from original 128GB SATA SSD)
Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from Windows 10 Home)
Backlit keyboard
Plus all of the normal stuff like HDMI, ethernet, USB ports, stickers that make it go faster, etc.

The laptop looks and works flawlessly. It is capable of running almost all current aaa games at the full resolution/refresh of the built in LCD and has g-sync support if the framerate drops below 120Hz. I am selling because I have a new daughter and four other laptops and don't have time to play games or sleep anymore. Asking $650 shipped to the conus.

20200205_152559-min.jpg 20200205_152427-min.jpg 20200205_152430-min.jpg 20200205_152614-min.jpg 20200205_152624-min.jpg 20200205_152632-min.jpg 20200205_153343-min.jpg 20200205_153355-min.jpg 20200215_200933-min.jpg 20200215_200942-min.jpg 20200205_152857-min.jpg 20200205_153419-min.jpg 20200205_154409-min.jpg
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