Solarflare dual 10Gb SFP+

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    The S6120 is a 6 series Solarflare card , while the S7120 is a 7 series. The 7 and 8 series are still supported, while the 5 and 6s are considered EOL and do not receive the newer feature-sets. All should be able to use OpenOnload for accelerating 10Gb traffic.
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    Nice thread, too bad I missed it and had to learn the hard way. I could live with 8 VFs limitation, the bigger problem was that I couldn't bring up theVM without getting "Failed to reset the device" error. At this point I gave up and just did the pcie pass through. I picked up another series 7 card though, hoping to have a better luck with newer generation.
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    I got busy with other things the last couple of months but my conclusion with SR-IOV on any of these cards was basically "install DPDK" and handle >1G networking that way. Drivers just aren't available for SR-IOV on any *nix guest OS but Linux, and even on Linux it's *super* hit or miss getting anything working with VF passthrough that survives guest OS reboots.

    The machine I tested on was only somewhat SR-IOV capable though, and I haven't had time to bring up my new HP server to finish testing. I think I'm just going to stick with DPDK for now, the driver situation on FreeBSD was pretty awful and I don't see anything short of pfSense rebasing onto the next major FreeBSD release improving that.
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