So Amazon now won't let you order 'two' many things?


int 21h
Well if 2 items is too many then I guess I will have to try and find somewhere else to get a tiny cable.

This message pops up, the way around it seems to be to split the order of two items up to go to two different addresses... I do hope this isn't how it's going to be for the next couple of months here in the UK! I'm not even panic buying :eek:

Both items are in stock and both items can be had for tomorrow delivery, but you cannot order both of them because they both have molex connectors maybe? madness.

"Product Availability We are prioritising products that customers need most."


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Feb 15, 2015
I haven't seen that issue yet and I've tripped-up their "Amazon Store Card" by ordering >50 items in one day.
One rep said they had no idea why my card was denied, the manager said it was due to too many items, then when it happened again that rep said it's based on your usual volume of orders. My usual volume is pretty high, but not usually +50 in a 24hr period. Like you it occurred when ordering dozens of small items like hose clamps, zip ties, hose fittings, and misc. items we use around the house and shop. It sure is nice to be able to 1 or 10 of something but when you need dozens of variety for a project their system seems to panic. For my issue a call to their issuing bank and they removed the limit and I could continue ordering more.

I've only seen the "April 21st" soonest delivery for prime items that were de-prioritized, I wonder if this issue you ran into today is a more proactive approach to the order-limit system?

I'm not sure how amazon can even be prioritizating products customer need most when most of their food, etc, items have been out of stock for well over a week now :/

I've gotten lucky in the last few days getting 3-5 day delivery (PRIME) on some items I need around the house, not essential to living but essential to say operating a tractor and farm animals :D


int 21h
My usual order item counts are in the region of around 3-400 total a month, the last couple of weeks maybe 10 maybe 15 items at the most, so if anything I'm taking a long needed break from all the regular activities/work.

Though yes I do think they probably have activated a more proactive algorithm of sorts in order to appear like they're following government edicts... well it is now somewhat of an offence at this time to leave your house for anything other than absolutely crucial, with potential fines hanging over your head. Though we are allowed to go out just the 'once' for quick exercise/walk (not that I do that anyway).