SMART Health Failed


Feb 27, 2018
Los Angeles
Hi Guys,

I really value this forum. Anyways, we use an Adaptec 81605zq controllers with 16x 6TB SAS 12 HDDs. Sometimes we get aborted commands because of a faulty SAS cables.

We recently installed a server into a production environment and one of the drives gave the little yellow exclamation mark saying SMART status failed. So I replaced that drive and rebuilt it over the weekend.

Now the drive already in 3 days of production has 19 link failures and 200 aborted commands. Yuk!

I've also notices that 3 other drives have a high number of aborted commands on them. So I'm going to assume there is a faulty SAS cable that needs to be replaced.

However, I have the SMART failed HDD here in the lab, and it still fails on newer servers. I wonder if I reset the SMART health status if that would "fix it" I rarely see failed Seagate HDDs especially new out of the box. But this one failed after a few months of use. So I'm thinking maybe it was the faulty sas cable that caused it to fail, could that be possible, or is this truely just a failed HDD?

Is there any test I could run on the HDD here in the lab to prove that it's actually bad, or just the SMART status failed, that means it's failed?

I'm just trying to determine if the faulty SAS cable could cause a HDD to smart fail.



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Feb 12, 2015
Failures of kit like this normally follow a bathtub curve, so if SMART is reporting it as broken on two different systems then I'd say it's very likely to be actually broken, and you've got nothing to lose returning it for a replacement.