slow network speed issue vmxnet3 ?

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    ok.. researched this up and down.. sideways and have tried everything

    napp-it esxi all - in - on setup


    2x vmxnet3 adapters with .conf modified with 4096 and lso disabled

    ubuntu 1 e1000 and 1 vmxnet3

    debian 1 vmxnet3

    on ubuntu I am getting slow iperf3 to napp-it... over the vmxnet3 network.

    on the e1000 adapter I get about 8Gbits with the vmxnet3 I get 2.5Gbits

    if I do the iperf3 from napp-it to ubuntu I get 7.8Gbits and running iperf3 -R I get 11.1

    running an iperf3 from debian to either napp-it or ubuntu I get about 11 Gbits

    so why is running iperf3 from ubuntu to napp-it .. only over vmxnet3 adapter slow?
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    Good question that I cannot answer as I do not use this combination.
    The default tcp and vmxnet3 values are optimized for 1G so the basic tuning is to increase tcp and vmxnet3 buffers, optionally use Jumboframes for 10G+, sometimes LSO is an item, You can also try Open-VM tools (OmniOS/OI repo) or the generic Vmware tools. Sometimes like with Windows you must tune client settings for best performance (ex deactivate interrupt throttling on Windows)
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