SKYERA SKYHAWK 44TB Storage Server

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    I picked one up on Ebay few months ago. Finally, I tried to play with it, but no joy. I did open up the 1U half depth appliance, it has 24x2Tb storage modules, 32gb ram, did not check the cpu. Also has a built-in switch with three 10Gbe and forthy Gbe ports.

    I recieve it a little damaged, on the corner where the management ports are located, but looks like they work. The LEDs for the L1 L2 Sys do work on the motherboard. After a couple minutes the L1 & Sys Leds blink and L2 is solid. Do not know it that means, hopefully everything is normal.

    It has an management, usb 2.0 and usb console port. But could not get anything on either the management or the console port. Tried all UART console speeds and other functions, no joy. Used wireshark on the management port but no joy also.

    There is 24 storage modules, 2 modules' leds were not flashing when power is applied. So, believe they might be hot spares or something. 22 storage modules' leds are flashing when power is applied.

    Wondering if anyone here ever had there hands on one? If yes wondering if they can help me getting access into the appliance.

    Storage Review link on the product. I know people will ask how much did I pay.... $275 plus $35 S/H. Thought I would take a risk. If I can not get it to work, I will have a nice little piece of storage history on my hands. And a decent door stop.:)
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    This reminds me of when I almost bought a legacy Violin Memory array. Then someone told me... just use NVMe.
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    I only have experience competing against them when I was at Fusion-io.

    Never had any issues knocking them out of a PoC or competing against them.
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    That would be an amazing deal if you get it working. Good luck.
  5. Evan

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    Jan 6, 2016
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    That’s cheap for a cool part of history if you can get it to work, 44TB is also not a bad amount of flash to store some ISO’s on, but yeah probably not too efficient.

    What are the modules ? SATA, SAS or something else ? As in could they be used in a separate system if you can in the end get it to work ?

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