Shipyard Docker Swarm Management - Notes


Staff member
Dec 21, 2010
Our Shipyard is going live on the 4-node demo cluster today. This is part of testing Rancher, Shipyard and Portainer to see what is the easiest to use.

Setup nodes:
  • Setup on the cluster is a bit different. Instead of using Docker Swarm to add nodes, Shipyard is adding many more components
  • There are several containers being launched for Shipyard running curl, rethinkdb, etcd and others
  • Installation is easy. One line:
    curl -sSL | bash -s
  • Adding additional nodes:
    curl -sSL | ACTION=node DISCOVERY=etcd:// bash -s
    Where is the manager. Etcd based instead of using Swarm.
  • UI is nice. I like the single page container deployment screen
  • Making a container is very straightforward. I like the ability to even add things like CPU/ RAM constraints directly on the page.
  • Making a service and running it with a number of replicas or as a global service is much less so.
Some screenshots:
Shipyard initial installation nodes.JPG
Shipyard initial installation.JPG
Shipyard container deployment.JPG