Shared storage options for VMware ESXi


Nov 6, 2013
Just an update on this topic as it had lots of input and ideas.

I'm running ZoL (ubuntu) on 2 boxes Dell R510 with a H200 flashed to IT mode, 12x 600GB 15K and 1TB Samsung 850 PRO for L2ARC and chinese intel X540-T1 for the 10gb network. So far working very well. I'm running about 10 RDS servers, 3 exchange, a few file servers and other random VMs, about 30 VMs in total. So far so good, excellent performance considering the low investment. I'm replicating the VMs using Veeam to the second box for the time being, but at a later stage I should connect the boxes using 40GB infiniband using RDMA for a high availability scenario, but it seems I need a hardwrae raid controller and have all disks presented as individual RAId-0, so I'm not sure yet about this.


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Apr 21, 2016
Sorry to bump this old thread but for those wondering how ScaleIO does with a small SSD setup instead of the HDDs I've been posting, here you go.
This is ATTO on a VM running on a SSD ScaleIO pool using just three nodes where each node only has a single PM853T 960GB SATA SSD. A 3 drive pool is as small as ScaleIO gets. Note that there is no ram caching here and each ESXi 6.0 node has a 10Gb ConnectX-2 card with a Quanta LB6M switch. No storage or network tuning has been done.


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