ServeRaid M5210 - Win 10 driver? Hardware IO error?

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    Recently picked up an ServeRaid M5210 card off ebay, intending to run a mix of Raid 5 array and some JBOD drives.

    (I'm moving up from a ServeRaid M5014 card, so familiar with crossflashing/setting up a 1 drive Raid 0 array to utilise JBOD in MR mode etc etc.)

    M5210 card shows an Avago SAS-MFI Bios, identifies as a M5210, and detects any JBOD drives that I attach to it. However, these drives are not accessible from Windows (10, x64). The card is completely undetected by the LSI MR platform (LSI Storage Authority) and Device Manager reports "An I/O adaptor hardware error has occurred" and "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

    I've seen this reported by someone who failed a firmware update, but it seems odd the card POSTS fine and reports that any JBOD disks are being handled by the BIOS. I assumed it was driver error - but I've tried both old and recent IBM drivers (for Windows Server 2012, although 10 accepts them fine) and Avago/LSI drivers for the 9361.

    As it has no cache currently, it does say it should work in JBOD mode (have cache on order) - but can anyone assist troubleshooting if this is driver issue or hardware/firmware?

    EDIT: Above appears to be solved - the joy of using server kit on consumer mainboards - Had to disabled CDM settings in BIOS to allow proper operation.
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