SED HDD in a Non SED Array


Feb 27, 2018
Los Angeles
Hey Guys,

We are thinking of buying this Seagate 6 TB enterprise drive ST6000NM0285 for a cheap price of $150. I've read online that it will not work for SED in our systems, but I don't care about SED, I just want a cheap, fast 6TB Seagate SAS 12 (NEW).

So this SED HDD will go in my RAID 6 Array on my Adaptec Controller with 15 other drives. The other drives in the raid are non SED. Now I know the SED security services will not function in this setup, but will the HDD work as long as I don't turn on the security features of the drive?

These are the other drive models inside the RAID:

So Ideally, if I can find any of these drive's for new, for around $150 - $200 I'd prefer to buy them, but I've only been able to find the 285 model which has SED security for this low of a price. Any assistance from the forum with the mostum...