SC836 Rail issue

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    I have a Compellent/SC836 chassis. I'm finally getting around to mounting it in a rack since I'm about to have a finished room in the basement. Unit was purchased used, came with rails.

    I'm having trouble getting the right inner rail to slide into the outer rail. The black plastic end piece seems to possibly be the culprit. Left side slides in smoothly. Right side can be pushed in, about the depth of that black plastic end cap. I could possibly force it past it, but it's just too tight initially, so much so that I can't even begin to consider actually trying to rack it like this.

    I'm not sure if that black plastic endcap can be replaced? I think it may be mangled, it's definitely angled out some, and causing a pinch. Or do I need to replace just the inner rails? If so, what model kit would I look for...or should I just source an entire replacement kit? I'm fairly certain my SC836 is an older chassis, as it didn't have the correct features for the dual SSD tray that was an option on later models (I had looked into adding it, went with a single mount in place of the DVD tray it came with).

    The outer rail kit is marked "Rev B". The only real stamping I see on the inner rails in Repon, but I may be missing something. Since the left rail fits in just fine, I'm assuming they "match".

    Was having trouble uploading pics, so I just setup an open share on google photos. I've got pics of the black plastic end caps for the right and the left (left seems fine).

    Let me know if there's specific info I should be looking for.

    Thanks for any help.
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    There are several threads about this chassis. Here is one, you can search for more,

    If your Compellent SC 030/ 836 chassis is anything like the 2 I recently obtained, they will have Rev “A” inner rails.

    The Rev “A” inner rails are around 1.0mm wider than the Rev “B” inner rails and are not compatible with the Rev “B” Rails.

    The Rev “B” inner rails will fit the Compellent SC030/836 chassis.

    This video gives much more detail.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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