SATA DOM on X10SLM+-F where is the power?

Hi, I'm trying to run Proxmox of an ELUTENG USB3 to mSATA adapter with an InnoDisk 3ME2 64GB mSATA drive.
Without 24 hours of installation I get disk corruption problems, I tried with XFS and EXT4, same problem.
After corruption I can re-install, and the disk tests fine, and SMART reports the disk has no issues.

Rather than chasing a USB solution and this problem, I'm thinking of going SATA DOM.

The SM site says that SATA DOM power is not required on X10 boards, but the X10SLM+-F motherboard manual states that the power supply must be connected to the SATA DOM power port on the motherboard.

My SC846 chassis does not have a SATA DOM power plug for the motherboard.
Do I then still need to power the SATA DOM with external power, or does the X10SLM+-F board supply power, even if JSD1 SATA DOM power is not connected to the PSU?

I see lots of cheap DELL brand SATA DOM's on eBay, any experience with these, how do you power them?
Any other advice on going SATA DOM on a X10SLM board?


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Jan 12, 2019
I don't have that board, but I think the bit about connecting JSD1 to the power supply is wrong. That tiny connector supplies power to the SATA DOM. A short cable goes from the motherboard JSD1 connector to another tiny connector on the side of the SATA DOM. Just make sure that your SATA DOM comes with the necessary cable.
Here is the text: "To provide adequate power to SATA devices, please connect the SATA DOM PWR connector (JSD1) to the power supply."
Maybe they meant the supply of power to the SATA DOM?

Maybe somebody with one of these boards can confirm?

I found more posts here about these DOM style DELL and SM power cables, and I think it is just easier to double sided tape mount a SSD in the case, and add a power splitter cable.