SAS2 expanders $60 (IBM, LSI chip, Intel alternative)

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Sep 15, 2019
Also thinking of getting another one, and see if I can get the Intel firmware to work on it. Unless anyone has already tried this?
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Aug 25, 2014
UPDATE: Fixed it - stupidly, when I transferred the firmware over to the Ubuntu box (FTP), I did not set binary mode - did so, and all ok!

Hi Guys

No point in letting a good thread die, now is there!??!

Trying to flash one of these expanders and have sg_write_buffer fail. SG Version is 1.28 20180628.

Please see attached screenshot.flash.JPG

Anyone have and idea why?

Expander is on a 9201, and works fine. Zero drives attached to the 9201 or expander when trying to flash.

Using Ubuntu live.

Thanks in advance.
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Feb 13, 2022
Thank you everyone for those great tutorials. Unfortunately my Linux live usb stick wasn't working as expected.
So, after digging around. I found the solution to update it in Windows(or PE)

1. Make sure driver for the HBA is working correctly in Windows.
2. Download sg3_utils for Windows port.
3. Open CMD as administrator
4. Get device id of the SAS Expander from running >sg_scan -b -s ( You will get something like SCSI2:0,8,0 for the actual device ID)
You can also find current firmware version here.
5. Run >sg_write_buffer --mode=14 --in=dl-634a.rd2 SCSI2:0,8,0
6. After completion, run again above cmd with mode=15 and without the --in
7. Rescan with sg_scan, you should see the new firmware version.

dmc_offs_defer = 0x0E =14
activate_mc = 0x0F = 15