Samsung PM9A3 channel availability

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Jan 27, 2021
UPDATE: Digging around, the reason appears to be that I’m not an SI, so of course I can’t find one. Looks like I’ll go with something such as the Intel D7-P5510 since there should be end-user support for them.

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I’m curious if anyone has seen these for sale yet, as Samsung indicates they’ve been in production for a while. Digging around with part numbers I can find a few retailers and VARs out in Switzerland “selling“ them for around $600-620 each for 3.84TB U.2 versions but they’re not actually available (especially here in the US) it seems.

For the record, going with a few of these over the PM1733 since they’re not as read focused, and seem to be about 25% less per GB. The application is for a brand new mega-workstation more than beefy enough to be a self-contained virtualized Apache Spark cluster (and anything/everything else) for development, and client demos... rather than constantly tiptoeing around AWS and Azure billing.

if you’ve seen them for sale through anywhere, let me me know. If not, I’ll pester their business arm and report back when I hear. I’m already waiting to hear back from HighPoint as to when their SSD7580 RAID controller will be available.
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Sep 18, 2020
Those were announced recently but I don't think anybody is selling them right now. It's more for OEM clients iirc


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May 10, 2021
We ordered 4 of them for a zfs flash pool. I think I will make a short post of our setup later.