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    This is a bit of an informational piece for anybody that owns a SA120 for a DAS.

    In case you don’t know, if you have dual PSUs, the fans on the DAS auto adjust to reasonable levels. I’m someone that picked up a lot of these when they were sub $200.

    I’ve been looking for reasonably priced replacement PSUs for a while now. But the “official” Lenovo part numbers for the PSU generally go for $150 or more, which is obviously as much as I paid for the whole unit.

    After a few failed attempts, I finally found the DPS-550LB. These are supposed to be for the RD340/440/540, but they are drop-in replacements for the stock PSUs. And quality-wise, they feel even more premium than the stock ones.

    Used ones are fairly cheap, and brand new ones are generally less than $100.

    Delta Electronics DPS-550LB 550W Watt Power Supply For Lenovo RD340 RD440 RD540 | eBay
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