S2D parity read speed vs single server parity


Sep 24, 2016
Has anybody had any experience with a 7 node S2D using parity? I have not been able to find any sort of comparative benchmarks on the read performance vs what a single server with Storage Spaces and drives in parity.

I have 45x 10TB drives in a dual parity setup with journal drives on WS2019. I'm not happy with the read speeds of the array and I'm looking to future upgrades to bring up the performance. I have the gear to do a 4 node S2D setup but when initially building this out, for storage efficiency I decided to stick with the single node.

So I'm wondering what kind of read performance improvement I'd get if I switched to a 7 node S2D setup? The workload is primary large file streaming.

One of the big drawbacks to changing it up to S2D is the storage efficiency would drop from my current ~75% to 67%.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any feedback or benchmark info would be greatly appreciated.