RTX 3000 GPUs that are easy to disassemble?

The Gecko

Jan 4, 2015
With the RTX 3000 series now on the market, it looks like NVIDIA has chosen to squash all blower designs. If you want a blower, you need to look at the older Quadros, or the newer RTX A6000. Well, this is a problem for me because I when I upgrade my desktop GPU, I like to put the older GPU into my server for use on various projects. I'll build a VM, passthrough a GPU, and assign the VM a task like FoldingAtHome or photogrammetry. Those cards that recirculate the air within the case are a bad choice for putting inside a server. The only choice is to use a blower design where the hot exhaust is expelled straight out the back.

I thought I would turn to this forum to ask if anyone knows of a particular RTX 3000 GPU where the shroud and fans can be easily removed and has potential for a 3D printed shroud with blowers. If I envision this in my head, one possible solution would have the blowers being next to the heat sinks, making the card 3 slots wide. The blowers could suck air through the heat sinks, and blow it out the back. The down side would be that the fan would always be immersed in hot exhaust.

Another possible option would be to use a 40mm fan (similar to what SuperMicro uses in their power supplies) and put it on top of the GPU, pointing out of the case. Then make the shroud suck the air over the heatsinks from the bottom, pull the air up through the heatsinks, out the top, through the fan and out the back. Again, the down side would be that the fan would always be immersed in hot exhaust.

Anyway, you can see how there is potential for a clever engineer to design a solution.


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Oct 21, 2013
Asus and Gigabyte have blower 3090s. Last I heard there was also a 3080 in the works.


Dec 10, 2019
Asus also has a 3070 Turbo with a blower cooling solution and power connectors in the rear. Let me know if you can find one for sale though, I’ve been looking for a while.