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Dec 21, 2010
Welcome to the For Sale, For Trade/ Want to Buy Forum. You must read this post in its entirety before posting in these forums., its advertisers, sponsors, proprietors, and other associated entities are not responsible for any loss (physical, virtual, monetary, time, or otherwise) incurred as a result of viewing this (or any other) forum.

1. You must state clearly the purpose of your post in the title. If you are selling an Intel Xeon X3440 CPU an appropriate title would be: “FS: Intel Xeon X3440 – used.” Misleading titles, descriptions, or pictures will not be tolerated.
2. You must not post just to gauge interest on items. Search for an appropriate price before posting. You must post a price or a list of items you are willing to trade for in your post. You may not have an auction style listing.
3. No inflammatory posts will be tolerated.
4. Post one thread only if you have multiple items for sale, for trade, or that you want to buy.
5. No selling of pirated software. This activity will not be tolerated.
6. No selling of academic software that is not allowed to be re-sold may take place.
7. If selling software with associated physical media, you must be willing to send the physical media, including any associated materials such as the certificate of authenticity. You must also have the right to re-sell the software.
8. No pyramid scheme posts (also known as multi-level marketing).
9. No posting on behalf of an established business or as a defacto-reseller. These forums are only for personal transactions. Commercial entities may contact the site administrator about advertising opportunities.
10. Bumping threads (posting in a thread for the sole purpose of bumping the thread to the top) is not allowed more than once per day.
11. You are responsible for complying with all US, state, local and international laws regarding your transaction.
12., its advertisers, proprietors, and other associated entities are not responsible for you transaction. All parties to a transaction (entities where goods are exchanged for other goods or money related to the transaction) are responsible for all issues, taxes, customs, duties, and compliance with respect for any transaction that uses this forum as a medium.
13. Regulated goods and services such as (but not exclusively) encryption technologies, alcohol, guns, drugs, pornographic materials, pharmaceuticals, licensed services and etc. may not be posted on this board.
14. You must have the legal right to sell or transfer ownership to anything posted on this board.
15. We do reserve the right to take down any posts at the discretion of moderators.
16. You must post which payment method(s) you will accept.
17. You must post which shipping method(s) you plan to utilize and where you are shipping from (state or region is acceptable vs. specific city or zip code).
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