Recommended RAM for Intel Xeon W-22xx


Jan 29, 2020

for next workstation rebuilt I settled on Xeon W-22xx. Yes, I know all it's security troubles, high price especially in comparison with AMD and limited feature set in comprison with Intel server's chips, but it's settled for possible amount of RAM, high single-thread perf, socket similarity to 2011(-3) and possible <150W usage.

Now, I'm trying to find out which RAM to put into the system. My motherboard vendor Kontron/Fujitsu recommends just few RAM modules for their D3598-B board (also was tested on this site), but their recommendation manual comes for previous board version which supported just W-21xx and hence 2666MHz RAMs only. I'd possibly like to use W-2295 hence 2933MHz RAM if that make any sense.

I'd like to settle on 64GB modules as I'd like to first fill 4 slots to have 256GB and be open to possibility to upgrade to 512GB if needed in the future.

Fujitsu/Kontron the only recommendation here is Samsung M393A8K40B22-CWD which should be 2666MHz CL19 RDIMM.
I'm curious if it would be possible to use and how would that compare to Samsung M393A8G40MB2-CVF which should be 2933MHz CL21 RAM -- with Quad Rank remark. I'm asking since this RAM is available and is ~30% cheaper than the Fujitsu/Kontron recommended one. My wild guess is that both RAM will be similarly fast due to different frequency and CLxx but I'm especially curious if quad-rank RAM (both seems to be quad-rank) will allow me to use all 8 slots and 512GB RAM capacity if needed.

I'm open to any recommendation on this front since RAMs are not my cup of tea here.