Recommendations for mixed use cases (NAS, Mattermost, various crypto nodes, Plex & etc.)

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    I have built several PCs over the years, but never ventured into the world of server hardware. I'm slowly getting a grasp on Intel's nomenclature for Xeon processors and have been experimenting with Proxmox and VM solutions on Linux.

    The one area where I am not making much headway is getting a good handle on what hardware I should be looking for given my anticipated uses. The Mattermost server is the most out of the ordinary use case. I am also completely clueless on the extent of the performance hit I will experience from operating the various services in a virtual environment concurrently.

    With respect to the Mattermost server, it's currently running on a PC I built 4 years ago with an i5-4430 processor, 64 gb of RAM and a consumer grade SSD connected to gigabit FiOS. Performance is okay, but falls a little short under full load (100 users, very little video or audio but a moderate amount of images). The following discusses the hardware requirements for Mattermost servers: Software & Hardware Requirements — Mattermost 5.2 documentation

    Is it economical to run all of my anticipated uses through a single server, and if so, what should I be looking for with respect to harsware? If necessary, I will keep my Plex server on my office PC, which currently handles the workload without breaking a sweet.

    Ultimately, I would prefer to purchase a used server that suits my needs if I can find one for the right price with appropriate hardware, but I'm not opposed to building one from scratch. I'm posting my question in this subforum since it appears to be most on point in seeking advice on all the components making up a server. Andif you have a particular used OEM server in mind that would be well suited for my project, by all means, I would be happy to hear your suggestion.

    As for my budget, less is always more. I am not looking to build a vanity system. However, I can spend as much as necessary for a sufficient system. I am not a huge fan of change, so I would like to use this system for a minimum of 5 years, if not longer.
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