rebuild home NAS server with HP N54L


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Feb 23, 2018
Have a HP N54L with 16GB ECC collecting dust for 5 or 6 year, in this weekend rebuild it to NAS server.

1 install omnios on it , 4x1t HD with zfs mirror and strip and setup nfs share for movie and music and source code etc.

2 install napp-it, setup iscsi and add 4x100G LU for PC and Notebooks and ARM64 tv-box, (napp-it need some modify for only rpool )

3 install centos 8.3.2011 on byhve zone (install Plex and transmisson on centos ), this step is not easy ,almost take one whole day , try ubuntu 20.4 and Archlinux both failed (), (those distribution need copy bootx64.efi to efi/EFI/BOOT/ dir after install, otherwise it wouldn't boot ) , finally tried centos, it work out-of-box.


4 today try lx container with images from omnios github, Ubuntu 20.04 is ok and fast than bhybe, centos 8 still no go, installed plex on ubuntu and mount omnios pool via nfs , happy with this storage and plex build now

edit 2

5 found not need nfs mount to ubuntu lx container , just add LOFS mount option for omnios movie directory to ubunt lx container for plex and transmissionbt client is better .

edit 3

6 can't install windows client on bhyve ,when partition the virtual hard disk for windows installer , bhyve is crash (win7 win10 win2019 , all crashed at this step) , this cause by virtio lastest version ,don't use it, use stable version .

7 bhyve firmware has bug , on amd cpu it slooow when boot UEFI (and windows installing will take hours),need use bleeding edge firmware (on omnios mailling list Topicbox. After update bhyve firmware ( ) , everything run smooth, no more lagging
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