RDP/VDI/VNC solution for multiple VM's


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Feb 26, 2016
Hi all.

I'm building a new workstation for home. Will be running ESXi(likely) or HyperV or Unraid. I want to have multiple VM for desktop use, and some others VMs. Initially I was going to put several videocards and pass through to "desktop" VM. I'm running similar server with one card right now, and it works just perfect.

But I wonder if there's another solution, like running one videocard for VM that will be a client for all the other VMs? Something like VDI terminal, and connect to different machines. Since it will be a one-box, network speed is not a problem.

If there's a solution for that?

I'd also like to have 3d acceleration enabled. Not looking for impressive performance, but it will be used in Lightroom or simple games :) I know it's possible to stream games over the network and it works great. Can anyone guide me to what's needed? I guess something like tesla videocard and share the cores for multiple VM, right?