Racking a Norco 4220


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Dec 21, 2010
Norco changes their builds every so often. My guess is that those top two big pieces in the upper left/middle are PSU plates. You need a different plate for ATX versus redundant PSUs since normal ATX power supply cutouts get in the way of hot swapping PSUs. Just a guess though.

I think you are right about the rectangular plates, you are going to be OK not using them.


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Nov 20, 2011
Merry Christmas.

Just a short note to confirm that the Norco RPC-2212 with the new RL-26 rails fits the StarTech 4POSTRACK25.

It was confusing when the rails didn't look at all like the rest of the RL-26 seen on the web.
And the little knob to press to release is lokated (and designed) in another way, just look carefully and you'll find it.
Tip: Slide the rails all the way out and you'll see it in the middle of the inner part.
Also, mount the end bracket of the rails flat on the inside of the rack, not overlapping anything (or else it will be too narrow to slide in the chassis).

Pictures can be taken later if you want to see the new rails and how they are mounted to fit the rack.

Not easy to do this with only two hands, I'll advice anyone to get some help.
Or best of all, any clue on what "snap on" rails that would fit the norco chassis?


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Dec 15, 2013
I will dig up this thread because I'm looking for a case to put my Norco 4220 in it. (I will open a new one if moderators want it)

My Norco 4220 are on a desk for more than a year and maybe it's time to do something about it.

It will be in the living room so it must be nice and discreet.

So, my needs are :

- Between 12 and 25u. I have planned to add some stuff.
- 800mm depth (for the 4220)
- A closed rack with front glass.
- Can be fitted with rails (RL-26 ?)
- Robust
- A price around 500-600 $
- Small wheels will be a nice bonus.

So far, the only one I found is the Startech RK1236BKF "12U 36in Knock-Down Server Rack Cabinet with Casters"

I would prefer more than 12u but with this design, the good depth and for a delivery in Europe (Belgium) it is more complicated to stay with a reasonable price.

Thank you for your help/tips/links :)