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    Currently i have 2 servers with 1356 platform
    1st - custom with Intel s1400FP4 and E52418L v2
    2nd - HPE DL380E Gen8 with E5 some ES 8core 1.6Ghz
    in total i have around 140GB of Ram. Right now i'm runnin only 80GB on HP and custom build is turned off.

    Recently i've replaced cpu in my Main PC from Ryzen 1600 to Ryzen 7 2700x so i have that leftover CPU.
    And i'm thinking what to do.
    I've invesed in both custom 1356 platform - (BCM, TPM) and for HPE I've purchased P420 and cages. And i'm starting to to think is thin a good idea. It's nice to tinker with things but that ryzen is fase that both of those servers.
    Should i sell Ryzen and invest that money into somethins else
    or should i sell one of those servers - custom or HP and prepare to replace both with ryzen ?
    Power and noise is indeed important.
    Currently HP is drawing up to 200W.
    In term of spare parts i have LSI 2008 HBA 8port, IBM 5014 8port
    I use it mainly for learning virtualization, tinkring and plex.
    Is i good time to sell 1356 platform or should i keep it longer? DDR4 is still expensive and i can't go beyond 64GB on that ryzen.

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