QuantaPlex T41S-2U 4-node (8 total LGA2011v3/v4 sockets) - $400ish

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    I've been tempted to nab one of these, but I probably shouldn't.
    Quanta T41S-2U 4 Nodes 24 Bay Server Chassis W/Dual Power Supply 220V A11223

    They had been going for around $400 with trays. (starting bid) Not sure how much the ones without trays will go for, but they were failing to sell for $400 earlier, so probably less.

    Manufactuter's website has a fair bit of information, but I can't tell what sort of trays they need.

    Reasonts I shouldn't get one:
    • I don't have a 240V outlet near my rack.
    • I don't have any DDR4 RAM.
    • I don't have any E5-2600v3/v4 CPUs.
    • I don't know where to get hard drive trays for these.
    • I don't know whether the motherboards have standard power connectors etc. And even if they do, the mobo shape is awkward to use in a regular system.
    • They only have Mgmt Ethernet, and I don't have any PCIe NICs lying around.
    • I still haven't finished upgrading to my new E5-2620v1 systems.
    So, basically, it would be a money pit / time sink for me.

    If you want to spend the money on newer CPUs it looks like a good deal though. Just don't get in a bidding war with each other. Seller seems to have plenty of these to offload.
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    It looks like you have the option of utilizing multiple different types of LOM NIC daughter boards with these, in addition to the mezz and pci expansion. (look to the right of the mgmt port)

    Example: ON-1GbE-i350 | OCP Network Mezzanine | QCT.io

    I say good luck finding LOM cards for order for this thing unless you go directly through one of the vendors listed on the page. Or any of their mezz/LOM cards for that matter.
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