Quanta QSSC-2ML render farm


Jun 22, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I was thinking about making a render farm with following server Quanta QSSC-2ML.
The below link looks like a good deal
Quanta QSSC-2ML 10 Unit Server Cluster/32GB, Natex.us

I have tested a dual 2670 setup like this from a different manufacturer and it can hang with the current 8 core 6900k CPU.
In my v-ray render tests both system perform almost the same.
In cinebench i am getting around 1800 for the dual 2670 and around 1580 for the 6900k.

So for the price of a single Workstation with a 6900k i can get 3 of these 1U servers.

To me it looks like a good deal.

So i was hoping if anyone has any experiences with the Quanta QSSC-2ML they can give some input.

Thanks in Advance

Spun Ducky

New Member
Sep 20, 2016
I have the same motherboard just a slight variation of it that lacks the 10gbe connection but has added usb and 1gbe ports instead. Works fine with cheap hyper 212 led coolers and e5 2670s. It accepted 16 4gb ecc micron ram off ebay without issue.

A thing to note with that version that you are considering the standard ethernet port isn't usable as a nic beyond ipmi and bmc type stuff. The single pcie slot needs a riser to get much use out of it although most with the chassis has it. I am unsure if there are issues putting a modern gpu in or Windows install issues as mine is for esxi. If you need raw cpu power as a non workstation use and higher power consumption or noise isn't a concern they are great.


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Apr 21, 2017
Did one try insert a GPU on the PCIe port?

I would like to insert a Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti ZT-P10510A-10L Mini.