Quanta Lb6M VLAN traffic not going through

Discussion in 'Networking' started by CKat, May 20, 2017.

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    May 20, 2017
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    I have a Quanta LB6M which is connected to a Dell switch.
    I am able to get the default LAN traffic though all ports. However none of the VLAN traffic is going through.
    For example - for VLAN 11 on port 1, I created the VLAN and added the vlan tagging. However the VM connected via this port (and configured to use vlan11) is not picking up vlan 11 - the DHCP never picks up IP.
    If I set it to default vlan, it picks up the IP immediately.

    Why is the VLAN traffic not going through? Do I need to configure something else?

    (FASTPATH Routing) #vlan database
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Vlan)#vlan 11 --------- This creates new VLAN ID 11
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Vlan)#vlan name 11 vlan11 -- this names vlan 11 as vlan11
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Vlan)#vlan makestatic 11  --- Makes it static vlan so it persists across boots
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Vlan)#exit
    (FASTPATH Routing) #
    How to add Tag to VLAN
    (FASTPATH Routing)# configure
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Config)#interface 0/1
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 0/1)#vlan participation include 11
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 0/1)#vlan tagging 11
    (FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 0/1)#exit
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    Make sure that your Dell switch ports are configured in trunking mode. By default Dell switch ports are configured in "Access" mode, which rejects all tagged traffic.
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