Quanta LB6M / TurboIron 24x slow transfers

Discussion in 'Networking' started by MathieuP, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Hello fellow STH friends

    I'm having a really weird issue here and i hope one of you can help me with it.

    here's my setup

    Dell 6248 with XFP 10gb optics namely xg1 and xg2 (aka the dell)
    Quanta LB6M flashed to Brocade's Turborion v7 using the guide at brokaide.com . (aka the quanta)
    4 VLANs,
    • 1 - Legacy
    • 35 - Internet
    • 4000 - "Payload"
    • 4095 - Default / Discard VLAN
    my connections are as follow.

    The dell switch's port xg1 is connected with a ~200feet om4 fiber to my quanta's ethernet port 24. Both ports are configured to pass only tagged vlan 4000

    I have one physical server (let's call this one ESXi) connected (~150ft om4 fiber) to my Dell's XG2 port who is a member of vlan 1, 35 and 4000 (tagged port)
    I have one physical server (named Freenas02) connected (Twinax) to my Quanta switch port 8 who is member of vlan 4000 (untagged) IP

    I then have a VM on physical server ESXi who is assigned a vswitch running on vlan 4000 (untagged) IP

    I also have a physical server (named Tower01) connected to my Dell's gigabit port on vlan 4000 (untagged) IP

    There is full routing between VLANs.

    I can ping everything in vlan 4000 from anything in vlan 4000.

    now here is my problem. when i transfer files between Freenas02 and ANYTHING else, its transferring at KiloBytes per seconds. i am using iperf3 to measure my bandwidth.

    Tower01 => Freenas02 = ~1mbit/sec
    VM => Freenas02 = ~<1mbit/sec

    wireshark filtered to intercept traffic on port 5201/TCP show a LOT of TCP retransmit no matter what server i use.

    Transfering between Tower01 and VM is transferring at ~1gbit/sec

    If i connect Freenas02 directly to the Dell's XG1 port using the optic that was previously used in the Quanta's ethernet port 24, transfers go to ~6-7gbit/sec

    I borrowed a friend's Dell powerconnect 5548 and i connected freenas02 to one of its 10gb port using the original twinax cable and connected the optic on the other port, transfers are at ~6-7gbit/sec

    i've removed the configuration entirely from the Quanta, (remove startup-config) and reloaded the switch, configured Dell's XG1 in access mode VLAN4000 only, and i get the same poor performance (~1mbit/sec)

    i am sincerely at a loss. from what i can tell as soon as i introduce the quanta in the mix i get extremely poor network performance.

    can anyone help me?
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    Jul 25, 2016
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    i reverted to the fasthpath firmware this morning (v1.2.0.18) and i can with the exact same configuration, same optics, same cables get north of 9gbits/sec through the Quanta.

    paging @fohdeesha perhaps you have an idea what may cause this?
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