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    Hi Guys,

    I am seeking some feedback on QNap in general but more specifically the Virtual Station. Having looked at the QNap TVS-1282T I am tempted to purchase one from the perspective that it could be an all in one solution for me. All in one to me is a:
    1. Media Center
    2. Test Lab and
    3. Storage
    What I am interested specially for this post is people experience with Virtual Station. From a use case perspective, I work in IT Security and often run up virtual machines to experience new software to understand the standard build processes in order to attack it, penetration testing and malware analysis. Currently I use ESXi but I am only using the most basic of its features to meet my needs. What I would require from Virtual Station is:
    · Good Linux support, i.e. no issues with mouse and keyboard which I had with Hyper-V

    · Ability to import VMWare based images easily, this may include security appliance I get access to

    · Ability to pass through usb devices such as wireless cards

    · Ability to create networks either virtually or assigning a physical NIC

    From reading the documentation I believe all the above can be done but we all know marketing material and real-world can differ greatly. Really appreciate peoples options based on experience that applied to my use case.


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    I'm looking at the same device, with 6x 10TB, 2x 8TB, 4x 1TB SSD for VM/Docker and 2x1tb M.2 for caching. I started running UNRaid 2 weeks ago, but am not really a fan. Thought this would be a better (cleaner) option.
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