Proxmox homelab advice requested - low power usage, mid performance - Which TinyMiniMicro?

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Apr 10, 2018
Hi, I would like to replace my i3 nuc SSD + NVME + 32GB (Nuc i3 specs) with a low-power refurbished server to have an extra sata
Usually my work with Proxmox is completely homemade
- VM Home Assistant
-VM Debian
-VM Windows 10
- LXC Apache
The idea would be this
M2 with Proxmox, VM and lxc
Raid 1 ZFS for data
I was reading about the Dell Optiplex 5060 SFF
Could this be a good choice for the TDP and configuration chosen?
Thank you for your time
Ive got a few Lenovo's i no longer use, the best ive found is the M920q, this with 32gb of ram (can add another32gb stick) was plenty for my use. With a 6 core / 6 thread i5-9500t, 256gb m.2 nvme and a 2tb sandisk ssd, 1x1gb nic (vpro) and an additional m.2 based 2.5gb nic it idles at 5w with proxmox and a few LXCs running. Ive got 2 other m910q's with lower spec cpu and only 8gb ram and i5-7500t's, these idled around 7w.

Great little boxes and fab with proxmox clusters.

I never mirrored the disks as i backed them up each night and they are not 'production' ;)

the 9th gen i5's always managed a lower c-state than the 7th gens, in fact the the 9th gen goes lower c-state than my i5-10500!


New Member
Sep 21, 2023
Hi, thanks for the reply, I located a Dell 5070 sff with an i5-9500 processor (not i5-9500t). As far as consumption is concerned, is it still good?


May 12, 2013
All the new modern cpu , i5-8xxx , i5-9xxx idle about the same 7-10w , idle power is similar to T series cpu

Dell 5070 SFF is a versatile machine, x16 slot is nice to have