ProLiant ML350p G8 - throttled processor?


New Member
Feb 25, 2020
I fired up my freshly acquired new-to-me ML350p G8 server and installed Server 2016 on it. The server has two E5-2640 V2 processors. After the OS was installed I ran Geekbench 5 and HW Monitor to make sure I am getting full power out of the processors. Unfortunately, I was not. The clock rate never went above 2.00 GHz which meant TurboBoost wasn't kicking in. Power consumption never exceeded 40-45 W. My scores were low.

I found some power management settings in my BIOS that relate to power profiles, power regulators, and idle states. After enabling them to "maximum" my final Geekbench score was 492 single core and 3875 multiple core. This still seems low compared to other Server 2016 based scores. I would have expected higher clock rates, like 2.5 GHz, and more power consumption, like 80 - 90 W.

What settings should I double check to ensure I am running at full throttle?

Again, this is a ProLiant ML350p Gen 8.


-=- Boris