Problem with 9380-8e firmware / nvdata. HELP!!!

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New Member
Apr 5, 2011
Hi, I have a card that says Syncro 9380-8e which I assumed it is the same as Megaraid 9380-8e. Correct me if I assumed wrong.

I am getting the following error during boot:

"Firmware did not find valid firmware image which matches NVDATA settings on the controller. Please program valid firmware image and restart your system."
Current FW package: 24.21.0-0012 and Revision is 4.680.00-8249. Problem is the firmware/bios doesn't indicate the Product Name. See attached.

I flashed it with the firmware downloaded from the Broadcom website for 9380-8e and I have used Megacli with -Adpm0flash and with -Adpfwflash and both flashed successfully but I still get the error message listed above. How can I get the card to identify and work correctly? Please help!!! Thanks!