Probably the most mysterious processor I've found


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Nov 13, 2019

I have been a long time lurker here, nice to meet you!

I just got my hand on this little processor from a local end user. The processor is an E3 1275L V3 which is sold for $55, which is fairly reasonable.

However, the funny thing is that, the seller claimed this proc only has 2 cores with HT, which is half the cores of an E3 1275L V3, so I decided to take the risk and see if it was just a funky BIOS settings.

This is the picture of the processor:

Top lid: Imgur
Black sealed silicon: Imgur
Flip side: Imgur

It has the correct marking and the black silicon that sealed the lid seems original, no trace of it being delidded. However, the flip side is definitely NOT belonged to an E3 12x5/x6 chip, it is a flip side of an E3 12x0 chip, more precisely, E3 1230 and up.

I decided to pop it in my X10SLL-F board:

Okay, this is the most interesting part. According to Intel: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1275 v3 (8M Cache, 3.50 GHz) Product Specifications the proc should have 4 cores, 8 threads, has a base clock of 2.7Ghz and boosted to 3.9Ghz under turbo boost, and has 8MB shared L3 cache.


The mysterious processor reported itself as an E3 1275L v3, but only have 2 cores, 4 threads and has only 4MB L3 cache. The weirdest thing is the clock rate. It has base clock rate of 2.9Ghz, not 2.7Ghz, and seems not turbo-able.

The only Haswell part that has those specs should be i5 4570T. But the i5 4570T's flip side does not look like this one at all.

Any idea what this processor could be? :) Thank you!
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Nov 13, 2019
Update: It can indeed boost to 3.6 like a 4570T. And it has HD Graphics P4600 which should only available to Xeons.

Core i3 4130T fits those specifications. It's a dual core with HT at 2.9GHz with no turbo.
It does have 4MB cache though, all i3s only have 3MB.

Where were you scammed?
It's not really a scam though since he explicitly said the processor's spec. I just find it very odd.


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Feb 15, 2015
"NOTE: Engineering and qualifications samples are marked with this color"

Stepping says C0 in bios screenshot.

This appears to be just an ES version of the CPU written\spec'd on it.

The CPU has been re-printed, it's a "fake retail" as it's an ES with retail labeling.

I've never seen a legit ES\QS have retail nor look so "perfect" printed on it like that.