Printed adapter to put a 2.5" drive in a Supermicro 3.5" sled


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Mar 10, 2016
This design is not mine, but I might remix it...

Hot swap drive adapter for Supermicro servers by apexio

Note that the newer version has a plastic upright near the connector that prevents the drive from seating properly in my SC846. That might not be the case for all backplanes/chassis though. I used the file named "polysoup.stl".

I used some similar screws to the Supermicro ones to mount the drive to the adapter on the bottom. They needed to be tightened down, almost counter-sinking the screw into the plastic. I think I'll use a tapered reamer or a counter-sink bit for future use. There are some holes to the side of the drive that line up nicely, they should work with more "standard" computer screws if needed.

The side of the drive against the sled has no real support. The only remedy I can see there is to drill holes as the hole pattern doesn't quite match. If you did that, it would probably be a little easier to install into the chassis, though it's really not difficult.



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Sep 23, 2012
If you already have the printer, you can make these pretty cheap. There are a couple different variants of the template floating around out there. I looked into ordering them awhile back and it actually was cheaper to just by the branded sleds that accept 2.5" drives.