Pleasant experience w/ HPE support honoring a Procurve lifetime warranty

Discussion in 'Networking' started by whitey, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Hey all, just thought I'd give a nod to HPE Procurve lifetime warranty and no BS support, had a failed 2910al switch that 'gave up the ghost' and nothing I could do could bring it back to life up and including xmodem flash of .swi file at a painstakingly rate (9200 first time 2.5 hrs, 115200 baud rate 2nd time 20 mins, lessons learned). Anyways tried that w/ various software releases to no avail (switch would not boot primary/secondary, take a re-flash, would 'lose its mind' after 'initializing, decompressing, initializing and start spitting out garbled/scrambled output to terminal emulator/screen).

    Placed a call to HPE at 12:30 this A.M., they advised me that I had 9-5 support but that they'd create a ticket, call at 8:15 A.M and switch otw (2920al as a replacement). 15-20 min all-in for dealing w/ warranty, said I already checked serial on warranty site, good til' Dec 22, 2111, explained issue/troubleshooting steps taken, opened RMA ticket, done deal.

    How sh|t should be done. New switch set to arrive to me tomorrow. Cannot say I've had same experience w/ Juniper support where they wanna treat you like a criminal or like they are solving the years mystery and make you give screenshots of serials, corresponding pics of gear's serials/model, etc. in my past experience.
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    I've RMA'd 10yr+ old procurve edge switches with no issues before. The only ones I've had issues with are the modular chassis (ie 5400 series) where they would loose serial numbers (on their end) when we purchased pre-configured sku's, still can RMA them but it's a bit more leg work.
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