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    Hallo everybody,

    i have a few questions about creating a "Webpage" for my personal network ...
    I've planned to build a NAS and use the OS FreeNAS for it.
    I'll explain what I mean with webpage...

    My intent is to create a NAS with my personal Media (like I posted in another threat) and I thought it would be cool to create some kind of webpage for this NAS (for my private usage)

    I thought that the webpage could look a little bit like one of those Online Streaming platforms and that I can link my movies to this site so that I have a search bar where I can look for movies and play them.

    that brings me to my question - what do you think I should use to program this webpage or better said is this even possible ?
    And if yes, do I need to integrate a video-player-plug-in like VLC or something to play my video files (they are in mkv).
    And could I run this webpage on other devices too ? for example on a STB or an Smartphone...

    Because I also have other media n it like Savegames Files, etc. I'd like to know if there is also a possibility to "download" files from my server to my PC - like you can do in the internet..

    Thanks for your time and help...
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    Before you go down the route of re-inventing the wheel...have a look at the Plex and Emby projects :)
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