PFsense OpenVPN to separate subnet but Firewall Passed to main subnet

Marshall Simmons

Active Member
Feb 18, 2015

I currently have a working TAP OpenVPN setup with PFsense. The clients are being connected to my main subnet
I'd like for them to be able to connect to a different subnet ( but still have full access to the 1.0 subnet. I'd like for them to get DHCP addresses for that.

I think I understand how to do it, but DHCP isn't giving out addresses.

My attemps were to
Create the server with TAP
Give the server my DHCP address and instruct clients to pull from DHCP

Assign an interface with ipv4 with an address of
Configure DHCP on that interface with a pool range

Allow my openvpn port through the wan
Allow all traffic from OpenVPN interface to LAN interface
Allow all traffic from LAN interface to OpenVPN interface

When I can connect, but when I do, I'm assigned a 169.x.x.x address and then it disconnects

Any Suggestions?