PfSense On Hyper-V: Connecting host to the PfSense's network

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    I recently started to play with PfSense. PfSense is currently running in VM hosted by Win10. I am trying to figure out how to put the host OS to the same network with PfSense. I want the host OS to be accessible for Remote Desktop, SMB etc.

    I know that (from work), you can set up windows machines that are part of two different domains/networks but I don't know how to set that up. Is there an online resource I can check out?

    Let me also clarify what I am trying to achieve, perhaps the best option for me setting up a dedicated pfsense box. I have a Win10 machine based on SandyBridge platform and its primary responsibility to be SMB server and it is on 24/7. I am hoping to piggy back Pfsense on the same box for:

    - Acting as OpenVPN client to the VPN service I am using so I can put all my outgoing traffic through VPN.
    - Setting a VPN server on Pfsense so I can access my network remotely. Specifically the SMB server for remote access to my files.
    - Advanced firewall and network monitoring features. I am hoping that Pfsense can have modules that will detect attempts for suspicious connections and create reports for them.

    In my network, I have 2 Asus ac68u routers and one netgear GS724tv4 switch, I am not sure if they will be helpful for my goals.

    Thanks for help!
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    I'm interested in this as well. I was trying to run everything via Proxmox/Docker but if I can nest Hyper-V and pfSense inside a Win10 or WinServer install - that makes my Plex transcoding task all the easier.
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