P100 vs P40 vs ...

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Feb 14, 2019
The price of used Tesla P100 and P40 cards have fallen hard recently (~$200-250). While I can guess at the performance of the P40 based off 1080 Ti and Titan X(Pp), benchmarks for the P100 are sparse and borderline conflicting. Anyone have experience where performance lies with it? Any reference points to see how it stacks up against other options would be appreciated!


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Nov 8, 2022
P40 is about 70% of P100 performance in almost everything.

P100 does not have power states - as its a hack - relies on nvlink to regulate p states tho it doesn't have it to regulate power states on pcie.
P40 has more vram, and normal pstates you would expect.

P100 = 2070 sometimes in games (i'd say around + ~10% difference sometimes)
P100 = Runs typically hotter than P40 at full load.
P100 = Is slower by around 15% in fps vs radeon vii
P100 = doesn't have h265
P100 = is great for sr-iov 2x vgpu, it feels like perfect split in half.
P100 = suffers from bigger memory latency vs P40 (all hbm cards suffer from that, but have much better bandwidth)
P100 = when tested with vgpu, it has problems with certain games. Though it runs 2x cyberpunk fine on medium with 50-60fps @ 1080p.
P40 = is around 1080 in most cases.

Inside primegrid
openclatiGFN15 (short task)
6800xt took 29sec
rad7 took 50sec
2080 took 62sec
p40 took 59sec
p100 took 48sec

ResNet-50 v1.5
A100 2887 images/sec
V100 1467 images/sec
P100 1100 images/sec